The first step of any property transaction is finding a real estate broker. If you're looking for a broker in Billings, MT, choose LEMCO. Our broker works with Western Skies Real Estate and Keller Williams Real Estate to connect buyers and sellers across the Midwest as they search for the properties they've always wanted. With our experienced, reliable broker in your corner, your future will be in good hands.

Email us now if you're interested in buying land.

Property is what we know best

When you need to buy or sell a property or equipment, working with our broker is a great choice. We:

  • Represent buyers and sellers for real estate transactions
  • Sell heavy equipment and hold online equipment auctions
  • Hold real estate auctions with a focus on farms, ranches and recreational properties

With over 25 years of experience as an equipment dealer and plenty of years in real estate, our broker knows how to assist you. Call 406-698-6868 now to reach our real estate broker.